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Turkish Dried Figs

TURKISH DREID FIGS Turkish dried figs are the original Smyrna cultivar, a species which requires pollination for the fruit to set. Tiny wasps are needed to achieve this pollination. Although many varieties of figs are grown throughout Turkey, the large, sweet, light colored variety known as “Sarilop” which are grown...
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Fig Facts

Fig Facts • Figs contain a natural proteolytic enzyme, ficin (this is why fig juice might irritate the skin). • Gelatin salads will not set if raw figs are added be­cause the natural enzyme, ficin, breaks down the gela­tin (which is protein). Heat inactivates the enzyme. • Ascorbic acid or...
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Dried Fig Growing

  Dried Fig Growing Tips A fig tree will succeed best in a sheltered position in full sun. A south or south-west facing wall is ideal for growing and training a fan-shaped fig – use horizontal wires fixed to the wall 45cm (18in) apart. It is essential that the roots...
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