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Benefits of Figs

  Although figs are seasonal fruit, dried figs are available round the year and are a rich source of vitamins,  minerals and fiber. Rich in iron content, dried figs facilitate transport of oxygen in your blood. They are also a good source of vitamin A, B1 & B12. Health benefits obtained...
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Fig Facts

Fig Facts • Figs contain a natural proteolytic enzyme, ficin (this is why fig juice might irritate the skin). • Gelatin salads will not set if raw figs are added be­cause the natural enzyme, ficin, breaks down the gela­tin (which is protein). Heat inactivates the enzyme. • Ascorbic acid or...
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Dried Fig Growing

  Dried Fig Growing Tips A fig tree will succeed best in a sheltered position in full sun. A south or south-west facing wall is ideal for growing and training a fan-shaped fig – use horizontal wires fixed to the wall 45cm (18in) apart. It is essential that the roots...
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