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Turkish Dried Fig Always Meets High Quality Standards

There is no doubt that best dried fig is produced from Turkish fig . It is inevitable that Turkey, as the homeland of fig, should be one of the most important fig producers in the world.

In addition to these official regulations, Turkish dried fig producers have always been aware of quality standards. In order to meet consumer expectations, many dried fig-producing companies are certificated under the ISO 9000, ISO 22000 standard series and HACCP system.

This is the most important reason for Turkish pasta having the best quality in the world.

Turkish dried figs are the original Smyrna cultivar, a species which requires pollanation for the fruit to set . Tiny wasps are needed to achieve this pollination. Although many varieties of figs are grown throughout Turkey, the large , sweet, light colored variety known as “Sarilop” which are grown  for drying purposes are intensively cultivated in the Izmir and Aydin provinces near the Aegean Sea . Today Turkey is the world’s leading producer of dried figs, and Bedemco exclusively offers these high quality figs to our customers.

Dried figs have one of the highest contents of polyphenols-substances thought to offer the benefit of reduced cancer risk. Fig consumption has also been increasing due to the fruit’s recognized high mineral and ferrous material content. Fig are an important source of essential amino acids and vitamins, and dried figs offer significant amounts of calcium



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