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  TURKISH DRIED FIGS Figs are found in nature widely beginning from that Eastern Black Sea regions on the Marmara, the Aegean and the mediterranean coasts and in South Eastern Anatolia. Fig growing and production, however, is done as drying in the Aegean; and in the Marmara region, for table...
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  HISTORY OF FIGS   Story of the fig begins with Adam and Eve and it was considered to be a divine fruit, the fruit of paradise, in all religions. It was the the symbol of abundance. The idiom “sitting under his own fig tree” is said to be used...
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ETYMOLOGY OF THE FIG The Turkish Word for “incir” is derived from the Word “Encir” of Farsi (persian) origin. Although the Russian Word is “incira” as in Turkish, it is known by different names in mnay countries. The female fig consumed by humans is “tin” in Arabic, “teena” in Hebrew...
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Benefits of Figs

  Although figs are seasonal fruit, dried figs are available round the year and are a rich source of vitamins,  minerals and fiber. Rich in iron content, dried figs facilitate transport of oxygen in your blood. They are also a good source of vitamin A, B1 & B12. Health benefits obtained...
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Smyrna Dried Turkish Figs

Natural Lerida Figs from Turkey. Naturally sweet and delicious. Nothing added. All natural shade dried figs. As they are stored and exposed to moisture in the air their natural high sugar content migrates out of the fig onto the surface. When this occurs Turkish Smyrna Figs are exceptionally sweet and delicious. TURKISH...
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