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From 1982 to today ,we exports dried fig all over the world under our brand name or private lebal.European countries ,China,Korea Egypt, Palestine,

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Our Products; Natural, Lerida, Pulled, Baglama, Layer, Garland, Protoben Dred Figs...

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All agricultural products that we supply are processed fastidiously at our facilties and exported...

Dried Figs

the Ongoing investments in technology, our factory has added dried fig products in 2005. In this way our factory has managed to expand both its product range and production capacity . In our dried fig factory , computer-aided manufacturing technology is used and this carries us into the limited dried fig factories in our country and in the world. Our company aims to become the leader in dried fig market by its domestic and foreign market sales of pasta market by its domestic and foreign market sales of pasta which is growing from day to day and its investments in the quality managament system. To introduce our country to the world and to contribute to the country’s economy are the ultimate goals of our company. By product quality and absolute customer satisfaction as Kobisan Dried Fig factory ,we want to be a leader brand in pasta sector and also our aim is that our affordable but good quality dried fig turns into an essential meal in Turkish and World cuisine for everyone